Vampire Diaries Fanfiction

For those of you who have not already heard:

Fanfiction has been a fairly popular topic as of late and it looks like the debate on Fanfiction isn’t going anywhere…

Amazon is getting ready to launch a new publishing platform called Kindle Worlds. Kindle Worlds is a new publishing platform where writers will be able to publish and earn royalties from their fanfiction. (Source)

Here is an article from Wet Paint that goes into a little more detail on the subject:

Amazon Publishing Fanfiction – Kindle Worlds

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And for the Supernatural Fandom I am just going to go with this… There is to much on the topic to post here … Scene From Supernatural: Monster at the End of this Book!

What do you think? Would you check it out? As a writer? As a consumer? Both? Or not at all?

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