Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As a Reader/Book Blogger Easier

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

The topic for this week is: Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier (maybe it’s Goodreads or your library or different resources etc. etc.)


1. Book Hunter – This was a program that was introduced to me by a friend of mine who knew of my love of books and my frustration of not having a proper way to catalog all of my books! Book Hunter is a free download program for Mac users that allows you to create a digital library catalog of all of your books. You can create different libraries and lists of you books too! It also keeps a master list of all of you books combined. Personally, I have four different  lists/libraries: School: Books For Class, Personal: YA, Adult (Mysteries), Comics.

2. Amazon – Who doesn’t love Amazon! I don’t think that I really need to elaborate on this one.

3. Kindle – Don’t get me wrong I still love a good book… Nothing can replace an actual physical book but I am starting to appreciate e-books more and more. A Kindle is convenient for reading on the go and traveling so that you don’t get weighed down by to many books because lets face it sometimes books can get really heavy really fast.

4. iPad – I love my iPad because it allows me to work on the go. Before I had my Kindle I had the Kindle App on my iPad and used that for reading e-books but now it is used as a portable computer. Its lighter and easier to carry around that my laptop and it allows my to blog on the go!

5. Books-A-Million – For starters I think for you to understand my love for Books-A-Million you have to know that while it is one of the largest bookstores I have ever been in (which is amazing because it’s all that more to explore and discover on the shelves) it is also the only bookstore within a hours drive near my house!

6. BOMC – Book of the Month Club ( is where I can get Hardcover books for $9.95 and FREE Shipping! I will admit that this Book Club is better for Adult Novels but they are slowly adding more and more YA novels to their website. Also, they have other books that you can purchase for $12.95 and still receive FREE shipping. The purchase options are for more expensive books or combined sets etc…

7. Goodreads – I am still kinda new to Goodreads and really want to start using it more but I love that it is basically a social media forum for book lovers!

8. Twitter – A good means to reach out to other bloggers.

9. Facebook – Another media in which to reach out to other bloggers!

10. Google Chrome – I have fallen in love with Google Chrome! I love how I can log into my account from any computer and it will bring up all of my bookmarks and everything else I have saved! This is great when I am not home and on my personal computer but I need something off of my computer or account… Research for a post/project etc…

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