Dune Walkers by Kara Sevd


Title: The Dune Walkers

Author: Kara Sevda (an animal activist, environmentalist, writer)

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Publisher: Pincushion Press

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“When her mother drags sixteen-year-old Clara out to the Amagansett summer-house she recently inherited, Clara is plunged into a secret world of romance and danger in which Selkies—mythical mer creatures of unsurpassable beauty—rule the sea. Thus begins an adventure beyond her wildest imaginings, which will force her to choose between the safety of home and a magical love that cannot be denied.

Bored and missing her friends, Clara stumbles upon a hidden realm where surfers, even the handsome Jack, are not who, or what, they seem. Clara is initially frightened when the band of surfers’ true nature is revealed, but quickly falls under the spell of their enchanting underwater existence. Now that the deep blue sea is in danger thanks to the uncaring forces of industry, Clara will have to decide if she is willing to risk all to join them in their battle to save the earth’s waters from pollution.” (From Pincushion Press)


Firstly, I want to say that I loved the photography that was sprinkled throughout the book. At the beginning of every chapter you are treated to a beautiful and original photo that tied in the events that would unfold throughout the next chapter. It was a nice addition to the book that gives the reader a quick ‘snap shot’ into the story that the author is unfolding.

Okay, now onto the review! ‘The Dune Walkers’ is a new YA novel written by first-time author, Kara Sevda. The novel centers around the romance of Clara, a teenage girl, and Jack, a mysterious boy who lives down near the ocean. When the romance begins to take off so does the mystery behind who or what Jack really is. Clara is instantly attracted to Jack and their relationship develops quickly – almost too quickly. It is clear from the beginning that there is a mystery surrounding Jack and his friends. This mystery not only puts Clara on edge but the author is also able to help set the tone well enough that it puts the reader on edge as well. In the end, I have to admit that I  was pleasantly surprised on how this story played out. The mythology that Sevda delves into was unique and interesting. It was refreshing to read something new for a change!

The story was more of a novella than a full length novel and the short chapters allow the reader to breeze through the story. In the end my only critique is that I wanted more. I know that this is the first in a series but I still wanted more out of the first book. There was so much build-up to the ‘big reveal’ behind the mystery surrounding Jack and his friends that there wasn’t much after that. I wanted more details about how Clara came to her decision about Jack. I think that this could have easily have been achieved through more details about Clara and Jack’s time together. It would have also added to the build up of the relationship between Jack and Clara. I understand the attraction and undeniable pull that they felt towards each other but Clara is too quickly accepting of the ‘unknown’ and I felt there should be more questions and even a little bit of a resistance towards her feelings towards Jack. In the end, this is not a bad critique to have and it looks like I will get what I want… This is through the fact that there is still more to come from Pincushion Press, the author and the series and personally I can wait to see what they have coming next.

Then last but definitely not least I want to say ‘Thank you!’ to PinCushion Press for reaching out to us for a review The Dune Walkers.

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