Abundance of Superheroes!!!

With the recent announcements from Marvel, DC, Fox and Sony it appears that there is going to be a new record number of Superhero Movies released in 2017.

So far Marvel Studios, DC Entertainment and Fox have announced their plans to release seven films featuring comic book superheroes for the year 2017. A new record for the most superhero movies released in one year since the recent trend began. There are actually eight films planned for 2017 but the information on Sony’s film is still developing and has not yet been given an official release date. It is also important to point out that while release dates have been announced and set not all of these dates have been given correlating titles.

Here is a breakdown of who plans on releasing what number of movies and when:

  1. Marvel has three movies planned for 2017 (May, July and November)
  2. DC has two movies planned for 2017 (June and November)
  3. Fox has announced their plan for sequels for both “The Wolverine” and “Fantastic Four,”
  4. Sony has announced that they are developing a Spider-Man spinoff centered around a female heroine for the year 2017 but no further information has been announced.

I will post more information about these movies as it becomes available!

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