Top Ten Likes/Dislikes When It Comes to Romance in Books

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

The topic for this week is: Top Ten Likes/Dislikes When It Comes to Romance in Books



1.  The Build Up / Slow Burn: I like to see the relationship grow and build up. If the relationship is instant it makes me question the validity of it and view it more as an attraction than a relationship. There is also more of a payoff when the couple finally gets together. All of the small moments and glances adds to the tension. I like it when the tension builds and builds throughout the book and you get to a point where you want to just lock the two characters in a closet until they admit their feelings and seal it with a kiss. This also helps the reader invest not only in the characters but the relationship as well so much so that they begin to root for them to get together and then there is a satisfying payoff when they do get together.

2. History: I love it when the two characters involved in a romance have known each other for a long time. To me this means that they have a solid and believable basis for their lovestory.

3. Hate-to-Love: For some reason these are always the relationships that are written with the most passion. There is more spark, passion, banter, wit, and so on in these type of relationships and it makes the chemistry between the two characters that much more electric and simply like magic to read! Apparently there really is a fine line between love and hate!

4. Awkwardness: I like when there is some awkwardness either in the characters or in how they interact or even how they get together. When everything is perfect it makes the story less believable.

5. Uniqueness: I like to be surprised by the romance. I like to be surprised in general when it comes to reading. If I can plot out everything that is going to happen what was the point of me investing my time into reading the novel in the first place?


1. Instant Love: Can we please stop having this in every book? Seriously, it is getting old! I get it… Love at first sight is a classic romantic trope but its getting old and totally unrealistic. How many people do you know take one look at each other and BOOM they are in love? Yeah right. Don’t get me wrong I can understand and instant attraction and/or an instant lust but love? Love is based more on eye-contact and that first look!

2. Stalking: Speaking from some experience here… Stalking can be down right terrifying! When I found out someone had been watching me from my bedroom window I called the police! I didn’t think it was romantic and it shouldn’t be romanticized in books either… People then think it is okay! IT’S NOT!!! **cough** **cough** Twilight **cough** **cough**

3. Non-Consent: RAPE IS A SERIOUS ISSUE AND SHOULD NOT BE ROMANTICIZED!!! **cough** **cough** Fifty Shades of Grey! **cough** **cough**

4. Spinelessness: It is one thing to walk away from a fight but it is another to have no backbone and never stand up for yourself… So having the woman as the romantic interest being a total pushover doesn’t speak highly of herself and it also doesn’t speak very highly of the guy who is interested in her. This also leads into my next Dislike…

5. Damsel in Distress: Women do not always need saving! Women are capable of saving themselves and even if they are in a situation where aid was needed it doesn’t always have to be in the form of a male romantic interest. Enough Said!

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