Top Ten Bookish Problems

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

The topic for this week is: Top Ten Bookish Problems


1. TOO MANY BOOKS! Lets face it… While most of us love to say that there is no such thing as too many books… There kinda is… I have so many books that I own that I still haven’t read… So many books that are out there that I want to own! Not to mention so many books that have yet to be released that I want!!! I want all of the books!!! But what about the time to read all of the books???

2. Finding out about a series after it has either been in the works for a while or been completed. While there is the plus side of not having to wait to read the next book in the series there is the issue of now instead of adding one book to your TBR pile you are now adding several! With the trend of trilogies it is usually 3 but sometimes more… a lot more!

3. Another thing about series is the long wait in between each book. First the wait is torture! But…  you also have to add in the fact that while I’m waiting for the next book in a series to come out I tend to read a lot of other books. So when the next book finally comes out I sometimes struggle to remember exactly what happened in the last book and where it left off. This then turns into me rereading the series just to read the next book!

4. Lending My Books: I usually don’t have a problem with lending my books to my friends. Mainly because they are all huge book nerds like I am and treasure their books as much as I treasure my own. However, I have recently ran into a problem of not getting them back… I am now up to six or seven books that have not been returned to me in months… So my outlook might be changing unless I get them back soon!

5. Book Covers! This is one of my pet peeves but I hate it when a publisher changes the cover of the book partway through a series it is so annoying!!! I can get a little OCD about my books so I hate it when the covers don’t match. It makes me want to go back and re-buy the books so that they all match… Which I have done in the past.

6. Running out of space! I have officially run out of space. After being super creative and reorganizing and rearranging multiple times I have finally hit a wall (literally) and now have no more room for books! I am dreading a purge but I think it might have to happen… That or I start replacing furniture with books! Think anyone will notice when my table magically turns into a stack of books?

7. This is something that I am dreading… Moving! According to the current database that I use to keep track of the books that I own I currently have a little over a thousand books. I don’t think I am going to even know where to being when it comes time to move all of my books!

8. Exposure and Desire to Do and Explore to Many Thing and Places: When I read a book with a beautiful exotic location I then want to go there and see it for myself. I want to know if the writer captured the essences of the location and if reality will live up to what I have come to imagine it will look like. This has lead to my Travel Wish-List growing and growing and growing… Not to mention I also have a decent list of hobbies and other things I would love to try out.

9. Unrealistic Expectations: Delving into literature, escaping into other worlds often leads to making everything in real life feel as if something is lacking… Why can’t real life play out like it does in books? Wishful thinking right?

10. Never Ending….

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